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The Greta the Happy-Maker Children's Picture Book Series is an unfiltered look at the world through the eyes of Greta the pug. She is everyone’s best friend, a natural born cheerleader, and always finding nuggets of positivity to take from every situation. Appropriately nicknamed “the Happy-Maker," Greta navigates through her daily adventures while sharing a teaching lesson with her friends along the way… It’s the world according to Greta, all from a vantage point of just 15 inches above the pavement.

All books in the Greta the Happy-Maker series are available in hardcover, paperback and ebook. They are for ages 0-8. This Children's Picture Book Series was Written and Created by: Nicole Stanghetti, and Illustrated by: Jonathan Gesinski & Shari Wickstrom.

Nicole Stanghetti is a film producer (The Legend of Hercules, 5 Days Of War) and a self-published children’s book author in Los Angeles, California. Nicole’s work includes the Children’s Picture Book Series Greta the Happy-Maker, in loving memory of her beautiful pug Greta, and the upcoming, Why Do Birds Sit On Their Eggs. More info at



Jonathan Gesinski (The Jungle Book, Alita: Battle Angel) is the lead Illustrator of the Greta The Happy-Maker Children’s Picture Book Series and Why Do Birds Sit On Their Eggs. Jonathan is also a successful Storyboard Artist, and Conceptual Artist for film and television. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter. Visit Jonathan at


Shari Wickstrom is the pencil layout artist for the Greta The Happy-Maker Children’s Picture Book Series. She is an Illustrator and Storyboard Artist living in Los Angeles. See more of her work at

Lilien Bojtor designed the logo and book covers for the Greta The Happy-Maker Children’s Picture Book Series. She is a media designer, who lives in Budapest and currently works as a motion graphics designer for a Hungarian television channel. See more of Lilien's work at or connect with her at


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